Anonymous asked: I am apprenticing now but it isn't necessarily what you'd call a high end place? But they're legit, have certification and have proper tools, just not famous or anything and don't have much renown. Should I stay with them or try and score an apprenticeship with someone with more prestige? Does it matter where you come from as long as you learn how to tattoo properly and up to code? What about you?

i say go for it, just work really really fucking hard, and make the most of every opportunity.. thats the most important thing..i didnt have a proper apprenticeship, and it made it that much harder for years.

Anonymous asked: Hey, do you will come to Germany anyway for a tattoo convention or a guestspot at a tattoo shop?

i would love to come to germany..

send me an email and if i can string enough appointments together, ill be there asap


bottled up dragons

for lemon

the reveal stage

done at the asbury park tattoo convention in new jersey..

shot like an arrow into the heart of darkness…

and its a cover up!

really thankful to everyone who is continuing to get the mash-ups tattooed on them..hope to keep doing them,

mary bird

this kitty is dressed as a fox

this split face birthing a city…its on one my favorite illustrators mr. drew milward, a genuine peach of a man..